Artie Allen

About the Driver:

Artie has always had a passion for racing. He raced BMX bikes then dirt bikes and when he turned 16 he had a 1970 Chevelle and has driven and loved hot rods ever since.  His mom always said, “If there were motors and cars in his textbooks he would be a Straight “A” student.” If he wasn’t working, he was out tinkering on something or building a motor. After high school Artie started off going to local drag strips. He started racing SST 100 ABPA Boats, then Offshore Boat Racing. He decided to build his own first dragster. Artie began drag racing in 1997 in a Super Pro Dragster he and his brothers built. After running Super Pro for a short time he had his first Top Alcohol Dragster built in 1999. Artie has been racing in the TAD category from 1999 – 2006.  Artie made the switch to an Injected Nitro Dragster, at the time the blower cars were not keeping up with the injected nitro cars. After he made the switch to an Injected Nitro Dragster he won the Division 2 Championship in 2008. 


2004 Outlaw National Winner

2005 Division 2 Bradenton, FL Winner 

2005 Division 2 Gainesville, FL Winner 

2005 Division 2 Valdosta, GA Runner-Up 

2006 Division 2 Valdosta, GA Winner 

2006 Division 2 Jegs Allstar  

2008 Division 2 Jegs Allstar  

2008 Division 2 Champion Top Alcohol Dragster Winner 2018 Gainesville Raceway Frosty Award Recipient 

Sarah Allen

About the Driver:

Sarah danced for 10 years until she realized she wanted to drag race.Sarah grew up around the sport of Drag Racing watching her dad, Artie Allen in his Top Alcohol Dragster. She decided in 2017 she wanted to start out in a Jr. Dragster. Her first car was a 2001 Harden Dragster. Sarah ran the car for 6 months every time she could and then Artie decided to get her a 2017 Mike Bos Dragster in June. She got the car in July and she was so excited! She has been adapting to the new car very well.


Runner-Up at her second race

2017 NHRA JDRL Eastern Conference Finals Attendee

9th place in Division 2 Points for 2017